see-saw margery daw (margerydaw_s2) wrote,
see-saw margery daw

God it's been ages since I posted something here. I'm so fucking bad at keeping up, you all. I just get sucked into other stuff and neglect this corner of my social life. Recently it's been tumblr and facebook, sometimes it's binge-watching tv shows...

I do love it here and I do want to be active, but I honestly can't help it? Anyway, how are you all? Got any exciting things to share?

  • Monsters mashin'

    SIGN UP FOR THE MONSTER MASH I'm excited you guys!

  • (no subject)

    Let's all celebrate the fact that LJ decided to work for me today hahahaha ICON NOMINATIONS - JOIN IN! | MY THREAD

  • (no subject)

    LJ is not my friend lately. I keep getting empty_response errors, ONLY on LJ related pages.

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